Meet Maame!

Hello  there!

I’m Keziah Maame Fowaa Fosu Whyte and it’s nice meeting you. I know I’ve got a long name but there are 2 other names that are still omitted from that so yeah, I’m sparing you too much information. I’m Christian, different, daring and going somewhere really big and you’re welcome to my blog. I blog about a lot of things that I think about, that I’m passionate about or that I think needs attention. My views will most likely be based on Christian principles because that’s who I am.

For earthly purposes I’m from Ghana , a beautiful country in western Africa but truth is, I’m actually from Zion (wink wink). I’m a god and I live everyday discovering more of what it means to have a father who’s  the God of the universe. You’re welcome to soar with me on my journey to becoming a more daringly and beautifully me, that daughter of deity.

Again, it’s nice meeting you.


Maame Fowaa.


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