Can we try helping them?

Yesterday, I was late for class and was decided in my mind that I was going to wear a dress; easier to wear, less time to iron, totally time-saving. But I couldn’t find one that was fit for class no matter how hard I tried and then I saw it. That grey looking dress that I hadn’t worn in a while because it was a little too much above my knees but looked harmless today because I felt there were less people in school as it was the mid semester break.

Let me give you a brief background on my belief on dressing so you can understand this better. So ever since I found out that boys and girls think very differently, I’ve tried in the best way I can. Trust me, I have. I follow my dad’s good old rule of lifting my hand in front of the mirror before choosing any blouse or shirt only if it doesn’t show any part on my tummy. And yeah I have a vest that would cover the least of my cleavage  so I’m totally covered not because my country is anywhere close to Antarctica but because I am trying to save the lives of my brothers from different parents who might go through certain things I won’t be able to relate to.

So yeah, back to my choice of the grey dress. Trust me when I say it was really only a few inches above my knee, which as compared to the numerous dresses I had seen on several other girls in my school was nothing (not that I am trying to compare by the way). With no exaggeration whatsoever, every single guy I met that day who saw me from a distance looked down at the few inches of thighs that showed, tried looking at my face and looked at my thighs again and again. Now I am not saying, there is anything wrong with these guys but it just strengthened my point. I’ve met several ladies who think some of us are a little too idiotic to insist that they wear clothes that cover them up when Ghana’s climate can be compared to the Sahara’s which I totally get but for our brothers’ sake! For their sake!

This isn’t a plea that we cover ourselves because I’ve met certain brothers who tell me they can’t relate to the ideologies I claim to have noticed among them. I’m just saying that for just a few times, when you’re tired of being the protagonist of the wet dreams of several hundred guys, it’s just okay to follow my dad’s odd teaching.

P.S. All I did was tell a guy that I bathed well and he got offended because I had messed up his mind that evening. I was confused; apparently I had gotten his imaginations alive…What is this? More reasons why you should really put in measures to help them.



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