My mummy’s daughter 1

I will say ‘Thank you’ when something nice is done for me

I will refer to ladies older than I am as sister, auntie or grandma

I cannot take without permission a sip of milk or the tiniest fried meat

No matter how much it hurts to keep my hair on, the final decision rests with mama

I wear the same or similar dresses with my sister on Easter, Christmas and to the neighbour’s party

I must smile when taking pre-church and post-church pictures beside the Deacon’s new car

I should not wish that my kid brother is dead as God will not be happy with the likes of me

I will be scolded should I place second when my best friend is first

I will cry and hate the boys in my class because I don’t understand them

I will play the mama and dada game even when daddy says it is wrong

I will say a prayer before meals and sleep like mummy and the Sunday school teacher want me to

I am 5

And I’m my mummy’s daughter



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