A little too busy

Girls have changed a lot over time. You could say that we’ve gotten more accommodating or we’ve turned into something you’re not so proud of. Either ways, we’re still us and I guess we’ve learnt enough to get us here.

Before, most Ghanaian (maybe African) girls had a no-hugging-boys policy (if you think that’s crazy, look out for the ladies who still work with that!). Were they bold enough to tell you to your face they wouldn’t hug you? Aside the fact that you couldn’t ask for it, totally yes! I did it once to a really cool dude so yeah if I did it before I could do it again.  Also a few rules about what boundaries a conversation could not cross were working laws too but like I said earlier, girls have changed a little, making this scenario a usual.

She walks past and sees that friend. A ‘hey there’ and a warm hug does it and she’s on her way. She sits maybe to get a few assignments done and she gets company. A side hug, a comment on her perfume and conversation begins. So she’s assuming he doesn’t realise that she’s staring at the screen whiles he’s talking, which means she’s occupied and is only nodding and smiling because she’s a nice girl.

A darling comes by and boy, is she glad to see him and he stays. Literally he does, and the threesome conversation begins. They can both see she’s not exactly paying attention but that’s fine. They ask each other questions like friends with mutual interests at a gathering, keeping a palm on her thigh or an arm around her waist (at the same time!) to tell the world she’s still their focus. She’s done typing and answering questions asked on different issues asked simultaneously, says bye and leaves the two of them sighing and rolling her tired eyes.

A few things they should have known that she doesn’t have to tell them:

  • I’ve got a life, so when I look like I’m busy, I really am.
  • We’ve all agreed that multitasking isn’t the very best so while I can’t be talking when I’m onto something else, I can’t handle both of you!
  • I understand that flirting is a plus to your ego but so is good observation.
  • You’re ruining my chances of getting someone cooler if you’re both in my face.
  • There’s a part of the bible that says to treat young ladies like your sisters and older ones like your mother. The link? I don’t know (just saying).

When we say the semester was hectic, we mean it.


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