A passion thingy

My college is an amazing one. Like all the good ones in the world, they recognise the essence of time and will give you a whole semester (four good months) to find your feet. At the beginning of the second semester, with an unhidden assumption that you’ve captured your feet, you’ll hear in a number of the courses through that one topic in that course that seeks to bring out the leader in you or in that harmless class discussion to relieve academic stress: What are you passionate about? So aimless would you look if you said you did not know that it was a compulsion to have at least three. After all, they are not asking what you want to be in future, all they are asking for is what makes you tick.

Aside certain students in my class who have decided to forever make some of us feel insecure by knowing what they want to do after graduation (biomedical engineers reading Computer Science and some professions I didn’t know existed like imagineers ), some of us will still be bold enough to say we do not know. And yet for the three things about passion…I do not know too but I.can’t.say.it! So this is what I do.

Not long ago in a class when this was asked, I walk straight in the space I need to be in and mention design, young people, marketing and advertisement. I’m passionate about these things because or rather I mentioned them because):

  • Aside the fact that design sounds really deep, it’s fancy in my class because a lot of people didn’t do so well in the course in our freshman year. So if I mentioned it, well… but then aside that I like (or so I think) design. I stayed awake in practically all the classes and my final project was gooood (note the number of o’s).
  • Young people because, well, if you wanted to ask me to be specific I would give a deep answer like really, knowing that the youth are what we have, what is there not to passionate about about them?.
  • Marketing and advertisement because ignoring the fact that it makes me sound really focused and in it to make it real it big, all others who believe that convincing people make good marketers and advertisers will feel I couldn’t have made a better choice. And also because I work in that field (while in school) at the moment. An awesome link if you’d ask me.

My perfect three passions which I would have likely forgotten had I not written this post will surely not be the same in a different class. I think this is still a trick question to ‘help’ us know what to do with our lives after graduation but someway somehow has become another platform to impress and to link with those in the class who do not have the luxury of time that those in my world have of consistently not knowing.

Irrespective of whether or not I am passionate about these things, they are what I like and remain crazy about: writing (don’t ask me the kind I do or who is my favourite writer), music (I’m not even sure I know all the genres there are and I have no favourite), meeting new people (that doesn’t mean all the time though) and God (don’t mind if people crazy about Him usually end up in the church).

For once, I want to like something just because I do and with no strings attached.

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