Truths from my swimming class

At the beginning of my swimming classes, I was devastated.  I ended up drinking highly chlorinated water that had the sweats and tears and odours of a thousand million swimmers. I also had to stand the teases of certain annoying ‘friends’, for want of a better word, who found my movement in the water hilarious enough to remind me of it after swimming classes. And yeah I had a running nose afterwards too. So much for that life-saving skill!

But then there was one thing I learnt one Saturday just when I was at the peak of my frustration. It was a floatation exercise and we had these balloon-like stuff that could be wrapped around the waist to make a swimmer float. It was the hardest yet easiest exercise ever.

Why was it easy? Unlike the numerous rules I got to learn about swimming like no bending of knees while kicking and keeping your body streamlined and all, this exercise had a simple rule. Relax. And that was it. My observation showed that to be the most unsuccessful exercise ever done. Whiles others simply couldn’t let go of the instructors for fear of drowning, others were forever unbalanced and ended up never floating. The flinching of a single muscle was all that was needed to make you not float. A little mistrust of the unknown water was all that was needed.

As I lay on the surface of the water staring at the vast sky, certain things caught my attention. Here I was, comfortable only because I had decided to fully trust in that which I knew nothing of. How in heaven’s name could I be supported by water? How was it possible that it is able to hold me so that I do not drown? I didn’t need to know these answers before I completed that exercise but here I was, successful.

We needn’t understand how He’ll work things out or how He remains faithful or whether the stories we hear about Him are true or whether He is going to be as neutral as we think He sometimes is to us when we believe. As far as I was concerned, as long as I remained relaxed, I was going to keep floating and be safe; those laws do not change no matter the type or location of the water. He really does not change irrespective of situations and time. He can only be held fully responsible only when we totally relax and depend solely on him. That’s the principle.


Swimming is among the many ways He whispers messages to us. Please let me read what other messages you have to share!


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