Your Expression Can't Be Wrong

Fools say to themselves, “There is no God.” …..Ps 14:1

Hello there, Mr. I Evolved
Or is it Mr. My Life Is Devoid of God?
Please don’t get me wrong, I mean not to be rude
My head is properly screwed on and my reasoning is shrewd

Pardon my manners, left out an intro, I’m The Pen holder by the way;
A lad who believes in a Christ as being the truth and the way
It’s a pleasure to make your acquantaince
Hoping this conversation doesnt oust our friendship’s fragrance

So there is something I want you to enlighten me on with all clarity;
Why do you hold disdain for divinity?
Is it because it somehow contradicts intrinsic scientific reasoning and its propensity?
Or your confusion amidst multiple religions and their cacophony?

Is it because you are smart enough to vividly explain the space-time continuum?
And can clearly tell that…

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  1. Awesome piece!.There is a reflection of God in every step we take.Only fools say there’s no God…Its unimaginable absurdity, but we can pray for them as well.Trust that you will!…Great reading your piece..Hold it up and keep it there:-)


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