The hectic beginning of the semester

So it’s the beginning of the academic year and nothing matters to me except one thing: I’m a sophomore!

Why is it such a big deal? Well, for one it’s not freshman year and two, I’m closer to the end of my four year quest for a degree. On the very first day of school, I’m not in much of a shock. Lessons are in full session and I’m actually surprised I don’t have an assignment at the end of the day.

My surprise doesn’t last long. By the end of the very first week, I am tired and stressed and I want to go home. It was a hectic week and I wasn’t sleeping as much I should. I think the earliest I slept was 2am and I kept waking up super early to do a reading before class and also for quizzes. Oh, and did I mention I had two quizzes in my first week? My first week! I just couldn’t believe how sweet my lecturers could be. I was always up and going and every morning I woke up, I could feel my spine hurting. I was tired and there was no denying it.

I had fever blisters on my lips in the second week and got all worked up. I just can’t get sick, was what I kept telling myself. But the nurse consoled me. She said I was probably overstressed and that I’d be fine.

This is probably the first post I’m writing without knowing the point I’m trying to make. I guess that’s just how stressed I am. But then I’ve learnt something. To relax. Really. You can’t do everything because there’s just one of you and you’ll be missed too much if you cut people out of your life in trying to achieve everything and getting all busy. I know this because a friend asked me not to kill myself else he would have no one to talk to. I don’t know how honest that was, but I don’t care either. I want to believe that so that I’m not too selfish in thinking the only person hurting is just me because in reality, there is an entire nation.


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