Leave my bra alone!

This is an open letter to all guys I’ve met who look forward to hugging females more than is necessary.

A few years ago, I open-mindedly moved from my no-hugging policy to a hugging one because I was willing to give guys the benefit of the doubt; that they didn’t have just sexual motives when they asked for a hug. And for all the guys who have proved me wrong, I’m grateful for the eye opening experience.

But to the other proportion, I’m rolling my eyes at you. I’ve been appalled since last year by hugs that have fingers and palms lingering about my back like there was a hidden treasure to be discovered. Calmly and carefully, I noticed a common trend—trying to have a feel that I was wearing a bra or what kind of bra I was wearing, supposedly gave some joy to the culprits. I’ve stopped hugging a lot of guys since then but there seem to be so many new members that I think I should send a public notice.

There’s a reason bras are worn underneath clothings and not on blouses and shirts because they are for the wearer! And a second party after there is a legal and/or spiritual consummation between them. After I publish this, I’m publicly embarrassing whoever does the bra-feeling act on me. And if you’ve ever met me, you know this is not an empty threat. It’s a promise Image result for smile emoji.

Before someone even quotes that the Apostle Paul asks us to greet each other with a kiss (Romans 16:16), let me throw it out there that it was supposed to be a holy one. A form of greeting that you wouldn’t mind giving your grandmother. I think what kind of bra I’m wearing or whether or not I’m wearing a bra, should not be your concern as long as I don’t appear obviously sexually disturbing.

It’s sad that I have to put up a post like this. When I told my mum about this, she looked like she was being forced to eat rotten eggs. But you’ve pushed me to this. It’s fine if other girls don’t have a problem with it and even better if they never experience it. I do. And that’s why I am writing this.

I’ll say this without any apologies for the first and last time: Y’all should just leave my bra alone!



-Maame Fowaa.



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