He’s gay. He’s in church.

Last week, I read a backlash against a church because they had members that had identified as gay. A couple actually.  Reading it made me uneasy. I wasn’t sure what my say was supposed to be or what it even was. The article said that the church was not standing for the values and beliefs of Jesus Christ. I think it later warned us of the end times and of deceptive churches who were telling ‘half-truths’. I think the writer was even more appalled that the church had declared themselves open to LGBT*.

What was the church supposed to do? I asked myself.

Sack them? Stone them? What did they want them to do? It was rightly reported that the pastors were praying for them and taking them through counseling and what’s not and had been clear that homosexuality wasn’t something that God approved of.

But the article seemed to want more. As I sat even more disturbed by thinking through it, something hit me.

We had calmly and proudly exalted homosexuality above all other spiritual sins.

Now homosexuality was worse than fornication which many Christians engaged in (that are known by members in teens church, church leaders, parents, etc). Homosexuality was worse than pride. Worse than bitterness or unforgiveness. Worse than abortion. Worse than adultery or masturbation. It was the worst sin in the world. But then whose standards are those? Because from what I know, there isn’t any sin that’s lighter than the other or one that’s greater (James 2:10).

I just remembered Jesus stopping the stoning of the woman who had been caught in adultery (John 8: 1-11). Would Jesus have spoken to gays? Would he have allowed them in churches? Would he have watched them being condemned by other saints who told lies, fornicated, stole and yet run to the mercy seat to be forgiven? Maybe we should segment the church, by the help of the Spirit, into all abortion culprits, fornicators, liars and whatnots and throw them out of the church.

I’m not advocating that homosexuality be encouraged amongst us. I dare not. But if as Christians, we wouldn’t love gays and show them the loving Savior who has made us who we are and continues to perfect us who are struggling as the gays are, who else should they turn to? If this article makes you feel uncomfortable, you’re welcome to breaking away from the shackles of religion; I’m in the process myself. Now you know the Pharisees were not just plain evil—they just couldn’t break free from religion and that was enough to make them want Jesus gone.

I know this comes with its pros and cons but for all I know, Christianity is a life of love. At least that’s all Jesus has shown me since we became an item.

He’s gay and he just walked into your church. What would you do to him?


*LGBT-Lesbian, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgender.



  1. He’s gay and he just walked into your church. What would you do to him?
    I’ll advice him to stop that immoral behavior just as I’ll advice him if he was a liar or a thief.
    Thank you for giving me new perspectives to this controversial topic.


  2. He’s gay and he just walked into your church. What would you do to him?

    The same as I’d give to a straight person who walked into my church. “Welcome! What is your name? Let me get to know you!!!”

    While my theology on LGBTQ+ issues is different from that of many Christians, I think that welcome should stay the same no matter what.


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