Under my own cloud

I realized the use of earpieces when I was awaiting the results from my current university as a high school graduate. Close to the period of the school’s reopening, my parents were totally freaking out and I was the bin for that deposit. Every time I got a call that a friend had been called for an interview with the school, had successfully gone through an interview or was shopping for school, the burden on my head increased by a ton. Literally.

Since I had promised myself that the only time I would cry would be in prayer or worship, there was little I could do by crying to make myself better. My greatest help were the collection of short messages I had from one man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, at the time.

For all the times hot tears were attempting to pour down my face and when there were wild thoughts of having to take an unplanned gap year and most especially, the idea that my faith might have failed, these messages helped me create an environment of possibility around me.

Let me give you a little background story on this. Usually, when high schoolers are about done with their final examinations, to get access to universities, they usually buy application forms of at least two universities, so that there’s a plan A, B, C and sometimes D, E and F depending on how risk averse they are. In my case however, because of the words that God had spoken to me, I decided to just apply to that one school. Even when my parents thought it was ridiculous—because I believed in God. As to why they did not oppose me beats my mind even till date.

Fast forward, I eventually got called and the rest is history. What sustained me however during these times was the environment I created around me.

I’ve come to learn that information is everything. Whether or not you are able to go through a challenge, make the right decisions, fight instead of running away depends on the information that you receive. In my moments of distress, I pumped into my spirit, the right words, what God had to say about situations like these. That He didn’t want a cry baby but a fighter. That He didn’t build in me a worrier but a woman of faith. That I wasn’t on my own but that I was with Him.

And unless I plugged those earpieces in and allowed my spirit to be carried away, what I was left with was distress that did not solve my problem. There’s a reason we emphasize going not just for Sunday meetings but for midweek services or prayer meetings or departmental meetings—anything that places you in an environment that you hear God’s word. Because it affects you a lot (John 6: 63b).

Constant hearing conditions your spirit in a way that only the Word of God can. I’m admonishing that if you do not have Christian material on your mobile device, get it immediately. It saves you from a lot of harm, I testify.

Just this week, I went without listening actively to Christian messages and the effect was drastic. Fear I didn’t think I could have, unfathomable faithless ideas and thoughts that I can’t remember having in a long time came. Please don’t make the same mistake I did, there’s more that happens to you based on what you listen to. Get those earpieces, download the right materials and remain under that cloud that protects your heart.

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