I fell in love with these ladies!


Just this morning, I decided to check out what my options were on my YouTube homepage when a vlog under the Christian category caught my eye. I wasn’t so keen on listening to it; I was just curious and so I clicked and it was the videos on the side bar that got me writing this: Girl Defined.

I’m in love with the two ladies who started the Girl Defined Ministry  because they represent for me nonconformists in a world that follows trends. They have decided to dedicate their channel to combining modesty with fashion in a world where that seems outmoded and that for me is inspiring.

This was the third video I watched and I just thought to myself: wow.

I was sent the link below a while ago that drew my attention to the fact that almost everything in the world was designed to make us everything God does not want us to be and hence, we had to stand up for God.


It got me thinking; there’s so much more we need to do to help ourselves be ambassadors of God!

I watched this next and I totally agreed.

I wore a combination to class one day without looking too well in the mirror and realized that my top was too short for the slacks I was wearing.

And I only realized this at the end of the day.

And I was completely embarrassed!

Why? Because I know who i am and with the amount of value that is in me, it cant’t be just thrown about in a skimpy dress that draws attention to myself.

Before you get all eye-rolling at me thinking I might as well be the Great I am with all that I’m saying, think for a moment what your reaction will be if your pastor was dressed the way you are usually dressed.

This isn’t too far-fetched. God called us kings and priests (Revelations 5 : 10); which means the standards you hold for your church leader or pastor should be the same you should hold for yourself.

PS. Ideally, you should cringe when you’re described as sexy (It just means all we think about we see you is SEX! and that is scary)



    • Not necessarily. The main idea is that sexual attention should not be drawn to us…I don’t wear baggy stuff but its’s not skimpy either ways. It’s beautiful clothing that is not revealing but makes a highly-fashionable and decent statement. Are you answered? 🙂


    • Unless its a problem of the people being attracted, it shouldn’t happen. I agree its possible to find people who are generally attractive-but that’s not the same as sexually attractive. Decent clothing is designed to ward off such attraction.


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