Dress Up!

imageAfter my summer internship with a haute couture designer, Pathé Ouedraogo, I decided to be a little more intentional in my combination of clothes. So that instead of the normal match up of that shirt and trouser, I’ll mix those until I realised an entirely new look.

No one except me knew this and when I next appeared in school, a few people thought I had gotten a boyfriend, others thought I was targeting one boy of some sort and a few rare ones just concluded I had become a bad girl (funny!).
When Lilian, my roommate, and I decided to wear a lipstick to class one day, we got comfort from this post on our noticeboard and showed it to any one who asked too many questions. It read:


Later, as I thought about all this, it dawned on me that , I had the best of clothing combinations on the days I asked the Holy Spirit what to wear.
Weird, I know. But then real and true.
This made me remember what I read some time about us being ambassadors of God; His very expression (2 Corinth 5:20).

Why wouldn’t He care about how I looked on a daily basis? He did and I realised that He wanted it the best way.
I dress up now because everywhere I go paves a way for a statement to be made about God.
Benefits? I’m very conscious of what I wear now knowing who I represent. I make sure that I’m always at my best because that’s also a way I can present myself a living sacrifice.

It’s been exciting so far! Wanna join?



    • Those who said that were merely teasing…insinuating that I used not to be too keen on looking good but then I do now.
      It’s a term people close to you in Ghana usually use to play around.

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