A full-time job


I remember what went through my mind the first time I heard the schedule for campus church activities in freshman year. I was alarmed. How did they expect me to plan my life around that? With all the assignments, readings and quizzes I had to study for in the week, they definitely had to be joking. For the discovery of the best word, it was totally, insane. Maybe in other schools, they were able to do that because they had less workload. Because that was impossible in my school. I made a phone call right away and the results were inspiring. I could just remind the Pastor in a subtle way that the main reason I came to school was to study and hence, all other things had to be considered in the light of that.

Who was I then?

A nepios; a baby Christian who wasn’t conscious of who she was, had no idea where God was taking her and would never fully discover the life God had for her had she remained that way.

I realized at that time that I thought I was a full-time student—that the reason I was in school was because I had to get a degree. Maybe that might be true for a few of you, you decide. But that wasn’t for me and shouldn’t be for any Christian. Knowing what my full time job was taught me that God called each and every one into the missionary business; where you are a FULL TIME Christian and hence everywhere he takes you to is the catchment area you’ve been posted to. How do I know this? Because when Jesus told his disciples beforehand that they would be persecuted by authorities, the key note was that it will be their opportunity to tell rulers and other unbelievers about Jesus (Matthew 10:18). Period. Not that there would be grace or any pep talk. That was it.

So that forced me to draw a timetable this semester. To accommodate first of all, all my church activities and then the activities of my catchment area, school work. Now if you’re thinking I’d be failing in academics, you’ll be wrong. Because the One who sent me requires excellence in all he has sent me to do and that’s exactly what I’ll deliver.

I’m a leader in church now so that means extra hours—about 6 days out of 7, I’m doing a church-related activity and guess what? I’m freer and more organized than full-time students. And that’s how it’s supposed to be.

Whenever I meet people who find it difficult to commit to church activities because they’re busy, I’m not mad neither do I think anything terrible of them. I just know they’ll get there but that they must do so soon because I wasted about a year and half of my life doing nothing but thinking I was busy. I know my full time job now and that makes a lot of difference.








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