Lights on!


It was a beautiful night and she had just finished with that last discussion class for the Friday. Weekend! She loved weekends because they got her away from the stress of school work. Agreed that she would eventually do all her assignments during the weekend but whatever! She would have the pleasure of doing them at a more relaxed rate…a flexible time schedule.

She decided to take a stroll when she met him; the senior friend she had made during the weekend. And in minutes, they were engaged in a hearty knowing-me-knowing-you conversation as they sat on a bench around the hostel. Then the question came:

“What songs do you listen to?”

She froze for a split second. The last time she had gone straight to the point since she got to the university, the results were not encouraging.

She stammered an answer. No. An unnecessarily long explanation.

“So I’m very mindful of what I listen to. So rather than just listen to a song because of the tune, I pay attention to what message the song is sending across…” blah, blah blah

Still, the question hadn’t been answered and she wished he wouldn’t probe. But he did and that ended up in her saying she listened to reggae and Christian songs and inspirational and motivational songs.

No she did not.

She only listened to Christian songs and she had her reasons. She believed strongly in the power of music and words and for her, they were spiritual. So whether or not people realized or would agree with her, she was convinced that eventually you would be what you listened to and for the person she wanted to be, she had made her decision.

But in the moment she was asked that question, she realized that he would think of her as so many other things. She knew that because the last time she had answered truthfully, that had happened. She just didn’t want to be misunderstood. She could just explain later that she had changed her genres of music. No big deal, right?

Wrong. Not because she told a lie. Not because she had added new favorites to her music list in a minute. But because she was ASHAMED. Ashamed of what she believed in.

That was me about two years ago and that moment being forever on replay in my mind helped me realize that there was more to being a Christian than I thought.

A couple of days ago when I was listening to ‘Let Praises Rise’ from ORU Worship centre, singing the bridge…

“fill my life till all they see is you, Lord”

…got me thinking. A lot of us probably sing similar lines in several other songs but we’re usually lying. We don’t want others to exactly see only Christ when they see us. Where will the cool boy or girl go then? We don’t want to be that ‘chrife’* idea only.

But I’m changed now and that change is better. You know how Matthew 5:14 says we are the light of the world. I’ve just decided to be conscious of that and keep my light on.

chrife – a person whose life is all about her faith, usually Christian.

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